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Actually, there is a working flash player for FreeBSD ... And yes, it's from Adobe ... From :

I just watched Tinic from the Flash Player team demo two 64bit versions of Flash Player 10 here at FlashForward. One on Unbunu Linux and the other running on FreeBSD. Tinic also showed a 32bit version of the FreeBSD player. At this point however, there if no solid plan for release.
And at I found:

The following is what I got back from somebody close the development of Flash for FreeBSD:

“there’s absolutely a working version that one of the Flash Development Team compiled”

It will probably take another couple of months before anything will be available publicly
And it would seem the technical aspect of porting flash to FreeBSD is minimal, from :

've been talking with the Flash Product Manager and head engineer for
Flash regarding this.
Let's combine efforts and see if we can get this done. Porting it
isn't the problem yet but getting Adobe to agree that it should be
ported is.

Matt Olander
CTO, iXsystems
While I personally don't care much for flash player (It's off by default on my Windows systems) it useful at times, but I know lots of people who list the lack of a reasonable working flash player as their #1 reason for not using FreeBSD on their desktop systems.

You may remember that previously in this thread I said that FreeBSD is primarily a server OS that just happens to function as a (excellent) desktop system, which is true, but I would like to point out that this doesn't mean we should totally *ignore* any desktop-specific development, or dismiss them, I meant that this should not be the focus of the development.
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