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Originally Posted by milo974 View Post
i want to use -stable ... how can i do that, i have read the faq (5), but i don't understand how to proceed ...
Note: /usr will need a minimum of 2-3 GB of free space for downloading all source code & building.
  1. Choose a mirror from the following list -- preferably a mirror geographically close to wherever you are located:
  2. Set CVSROOT to this mirror as described in Section 5.3.3:

    For example, if is the closest mirror, then:

    # export
  3. Change into /usr & download the source tree:

    # cd /usr
    # cvs -d$CVSROOT -rOPENBSD_4_3 -P src

    If you are running X Windows, use the following command instead:

    # cvs -d$CVSROOT -rOPENBSD_4_3 -P src xenocara
  4. Build the kernel first according to Section 5.3.4:
  5. Build userland according to Section 5.3.5:
  6. Build Xenocara according to Section 5.5 only if you have X installed:
Each time you wish to update your system, you will to go through these same steps with the following exception:
3. Update the source tree via:

# cd /usr/src
# cvs -d$CVSROOT up -rOPENBSD_4_3 -Pd

...and if X is installed,

# cd /usr/xenocara
# cvs -d$CVSROOT up -rOPENBSD_4_3 -Pd

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