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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post

You may also check GJurnal, it seems to get better performance with multiple transfers then SoftUpdates.
I tried using GJurnal, but .... it complained, that there is no journal...
What does this mean?

also, i would appreciate if we could solve this problem

When i download torrents with good speed, BSD freezes for few tenths of seconds....
I would love to find way to avoid this (without buying new, better hardware. and i know i can limit upload/download speed)

The speed that shows rtorrent, is not maximum, that i can get
Sometimes i can get up to 13000KB (as rtorrent shows, what it means KB/s, or Kb/s?)

rtorrent uses a lot of CPU% while downloading

EDIT: this is not disk encryption issue, i had it before i encrypted my drives

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