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Default CVS now has OpenBSD 4.5 tagged

From the Web interface to CVS, I see that the Makefile for i386: sports the OPENBSD_4_5_BASE tag. This means that most of the functionality to OpenBSD 4.5 has been solidified, & (most likely) only major issues found within the next week will be pushed back into this branch.

For those unfamiliar with the project's six month release cycle, every six months the head of the CVS repository gets additional scrutiny, & CD's are cut from code that has been deemed worthy of the project's reputation. Otherwise, development continues at CVS' head.

...& for those wondering why 4.5 is frozen at this point when the official release is not until 1 May, note that sufficient time has to be allocated to get a large number of CD's ordered, pressed, & received, so they can in turn be sent to those supporting the project by purchasing official CD sets. Orders for OpenBSD 4.5 should be announced on the official Website soon.

Help the project by ordering CD sets! You will feel better about yourself, & chicks will find you somewhat more attractive by becoming involved with a worthy effort.

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