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Here's my routine for installing to a machine with no CD drive (very much the same as barry's, but with a few tweaks at the end):

1) download and burn install48.iso or cd48.iso.
2) On a machine with a CD drive, insert the burned install disk.
3) Check that the BIOS is set to boot from CD first.
4) Plug in the usb key and boot the CD.
5) Perform a normal install to the usb key (make SURE you don't install to the wrong disk! Make one slice and don't worry about swap...this is for installing, not for running OpenOffice/Firefox/etc...)
6) Boot bsd.rd on the cd-less machine using the newly installed usb key.
7) Perform a normal install to the cd-less machine's hard drive.

If you're particularly lazy (as I am), you can download the tgz's, bsd*, and INSTALL.<arch> files and put them in /4.8/<arch>/ on the USB key so you can install from there. You can also create a site48.tgz file that contains all of your customizations that will get installed last.

And you can fix the usb key's /etc/fstab to use the drive id (checksum, really) instead of device name:
(Posted to misc by Paul de Weerd)
[ -f /dev/diskmap ] || ( cd /dev; sudo MAKEDEV diskmap )
echo wq | disklabel -E YOURDISK
UID=`disklabel YOURDISK | grep -E '^[d]?uid:' | cut -f2 -d' '`
{ echo ",s#/dev/YOURDISK#${UID}.#"; echo w; } | ed - /etc/fstab
(standard disclaimer: don't run this without understanding what it does...oh, and this was committed just before the lock for 4.8, so it won't work on 4.7)

And you can create dhcp-enabling hostname files for all ethernet drivers in /etc on the usb key (only the attached devices have their hostname files read).

Standard disclaimers apply (backup your data, don't blame me, etc...)

Edit - If you have a usb-attached CD drive, use that method. It's far easier (though once you have a usb-key with a no-kidding OpenBSD install on it, you can use it over and over again and even upgrade it to newer versions...etc...)

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