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There has been an increase in the number of one-man (or small group) operating system projects, and I think this is a rebellion against (or a boredom caused by) the mainstream. Also, there is the creeping idea that really big software, in general, is a juicy target for (let us say generously) "security monitoring" - potentially done in a surreptitious manner.

Some of these projects have been simmering for awhile, and are just now reaching a level of capability that makes them interesting and (somewhat) useful for other than the developer's amusement.


So, recently I ran across Visopsys (, which the author has been constructing for around fifteen years. It ran OK on my real hardware, but I think the network stack is still a work-in-progress. Fifteen years is a stretch, I must say! The OS I mentioned in a previous post (O3zone) was developed for about seven years! I am a "weird/obscure/unknown OS" junkie/collector, but I try to collect only those that have reached a certain level of capability (a level more likely reached after 5, 7, or 15 years of development). Visopsys still lacks a web browser, but I don't think they're very far from having one. There may yet be some TCP/IP stack work needed to get there. They have a nice forum and a few devotees at


Other operating systems start out as a venture of CS students, who after a few years, move on to other realms. It may be that the PedigreeOS system is in that category, but I'm not sure. It seems interesting though.


An OS that is on my list to try eventually is Syllable. Supposedly, the server version of Syllable uses the Linux kernel instead of the one that follows the Atheos pedigree (although they say much has been changed in the latter). If true, Syllable server would be a "linux distro" (of sorts) but without the X windows graphics (assuming they used the original Syllable graphics system instead). Anyone know anything about this?

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