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Originally Posted by NaWi View Post
It is important to write to the device and not to a partition like rdisk1s1.
Bull's eye, dammit! After changing dd's of=target as you suggested the USB-disk works as expected. The error messages are gone, I can properly change devices in the bootloader, look around with ls and the '*' on the device list at the top is also gone.

Thank you so much for pointing that detail out. I missed that completely.

That being said, the kernel doesn't boot past the entry point. It freezes just before the switch to the blue background display of the system message buffer. Which is exactly the same behaviour as when I try to boot the freshly installed system from hard disk.

Well, at least I can consider this topic resolved and return to try and solve my original problem.

Thanks again for the hint, NaWi! It is much appreciated.
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