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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
fvgit may be interested in a new port of www/netsurf/netsurf-fb which was just made available for testing. It is netsurf without GTK, and has a chain of 34 run dependencies.
Originally Posted by backrow View Post
It's been committed now, and should be available on the -current package mirrors within a week or so.

Full disclosure: the port was made due to this thread!
Just did a very quick'n'dirty install on a 6.0-current snapshot. At first pkg_add bailed out due to a library mismatch (bad major): it was expecting xcb 3.2 instead of the installed 4.0. I tricked it by doing a ln -s, then it worked.

As for netsurf-fb, it's really great! Quick installation, very fast startup, and fairly quick rendering. No comparison with the other version of Netsurf that I tested earlier on 5.9. I wasn't able to log into daemonforums, maybe that doesn't work yet. But I'll need to play around with it a bit more and give it some stress testing. Just wanted to give you my first impressions.

A great addition. Most excellent work, backrow! Thank you.
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