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Default BareGUI for OpenBSD Updated for 6.7

This grew from a previous SimpleDesktop thread that built a lightweight Desktop Environment (DE) in OpenBSD. The older project relied on manually edited configuration scripts and menus. This iteration produces a fast, lightweight stacking desktop with a resting memory footprint around 170mb. When a user adds an application that has a freedesktop compliant *.desktop entry, it will automatically be added to the menu.

These instructions have been updated for version 6.7 and should be backwards compatible with 6.6.

Changes for 6.7:
The Adwaita icon theme dropped the icons for /usr/local/share/desktop/directories/, and was replaced by the more complete x11/paper-icon-theme. The x11/yad weather scripts are now included by the default install. printing/cups has been added to the recommended packages and setup instructions for audio/gimmix streamlined.

The basic layout is similar to Mac OS/X interface. A bottom, one-click launcher for commonly used applications. A full menu is accessed by right-clicking on a blank area of the desktop or hitting the "Menu" key.

Even though the ability to customize the DE has been simplified, users still need to be familiar with the OpenBSD FAQ, man pages, package management and text editing. A Base OpenBSD install provides vi, mg, ed and xedit. editors/leafpad is from the LXDE project, is available in ports and is a good fit for newbies who want a simple gtk based editor.

The project has 2 levels. The first level provides just the base install + bare desktop. The experienced open source user then adds their favorite applications.

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The next, optional level is a list of commonly used packages that have freedesktop compliant menu entries and are well supported in OpenBSD. The project essentially chooses web browsers, email clients and office suites using criteria described later. After adding the additional packages, the DE is functionally the same as the older SimpleDesktop project. NCurses applications can be given *.desktop menu entries - mail/abook, productivity/calcurse and audio/ncmpc have examples in following posts.

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To get started, click the link to download. Extract the following tarball and the README should take you the rest of the way. If you are working from a new OpenBSD install, without a browser, this base ftp command should download:

ftp -o BareGUI.tar.gz

If you find this to be time saving and useful, consider supporting the OpenBSD project.

OpenBSD Donations

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