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Default couple questions

just wanted to see if anyone could help me out with a couple of questions.

#1(FTP) trying to setup ftpd . I got it all done up, encrypted, chrooted and the whole nine yards.. but I need to move it to a port higher then 1053 .. ?

how would I do that?

#2 (FTP) I have 4 hard drives mounted to a users home directory.

The ftp is chrooted to that users home dir. Is this the best way to set up a ftp site with a few drives? or is there a better way to allow more then 1 user to access those drives.

IE: wd0 has all the normal partitions. So I made a directory called "uploads" in user A's home directory. Then I mounted wd2 as /home/userA/work and wd4 as /home/userA/finished

What would be the best way to set up a user based ftp that will allow several users to access all 3 devices in a chrooted ftp site?

#3 (ntpd) everything appears to be running and configured (as per Freebsd) but it just wont fetch the time. what would be the rule for pf to allow that to run? (I'm guessing thats the problem)

#4 whats the best way to encrypt home directories? or how can i raise the length of the default encryption?

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