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Default Cisco Secure ACS 4.1 syslog OpenBSD 3.9

got hired for an new project.
the request is to get the logs of Cisco Secure ACS 4.1 (Window$ version)
on the same box (a OPENBSD 3.9 i386) as were the logs of our routers/switches are logged.

My question is how can i get the logs from the Cisco Secure ACS 4.1,
seperated from the routers/switches? preferable by an seperated log folder

Advice would be much appreciated, yes my OpenBSD skills are very limited atm

Note: this is from the Cisco Website

"Quote from cisco manual
Note You cannot configure the format of the syslog facility and severity on ACS. "

On the Cisco Secure ACS 4.1 Windows there is no logging facility configuration command.

J65nko thanks for the advice !
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