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I have managed to add the rpmforge repository by following A simple yum install audacity installed audacity.

Unfortunately audacity complained a few times about not being able to detect a sound device. It also froze a couple of times. The secret to make it work was to disable "Play other tracks while recording new one" as well as disabling "Software Playthrough".

At this moment I am recording "Weasels ripped my flesh" from Zappa & the Mothers of Invention. Next one will be the Iron Butterfly "In-a-gadda-da-vida" LP

RE: installing a different OS completely
I don't mind Two years ago on the T-Dose open source conference in Eindhoven, somebody introduced me to CentOS and I finally found a reason to try it.

The Akai ATT05U turnable can also connect to an amplifier, it has the RIAA correction built-in, to play records the old-fashioned way. So no way I would re-gift it.

When I install a new OBSD snapshot I surely will your suggestions and report the outcome. Thanks
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