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Actually Qt libraries are probably the best peace of C++ code ever written. GUI which uses Qt looks definitely much nicer than Gtk at least nicer than Gtk3 and Gtk2 . KDE team in particular is very professional. They make genuine effort to be OS independent. KDE in my experience is more stable than Gnome or even Xfce. Bloat? Who cares? People who use such environments do not care about the bloat. With exception of Gtk1, Gtk is as bloated if not even more than Qt4 for example. So PC-BSD team decision to use KDE seems after all these years very logical to me. KDE can be customized to look as anything including classical Ubuntu Gnome look. For Windows users default KDE look feels probably very natural. LXDE was born as a quick dirty hack from Xfce. I do not know at this point if they have anything serious.

By the way. My favorite GUI application which I do NOT use is K3b. The only GUI application unless you count things like sane-frontends, Xfig or web-browser that I really use is Rox-filer. The major reason is thumbnail viewer.

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