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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
How many hardcore BSDs funs rally care? I had to log today into a Scientific Linux Gnome session and it was as alien as Windows 7
For my own uses, of course, it's irrelevant. But did you see the undeadly article recently by Antoine Jacoutot about how he uses OpenBSD as desktop OS with Gnome as the shell where he works? For his sake, I hope the damage people like this do is moderated by other voices.

I only saw the new 3.0 shell in a demo at a local Linux group, never tried it, but it appeared to be both buggy and have that new "kiosk" feel I so hate in modern UIs. I doubt I'll ever even try installing it, even after my 10 year old computer dies and I get better hardware. Yet perhaps for Antoine's target users it would be useful, I don't know. It would be a shame if immature, short sited developers like this one caused him and the other Gnome porters excessive work.
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