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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
I've been thinking about this. I've written & released a few small programs, for example a small tray icon which displays your notebook's battery status.
Only FreeBSD and OpenBSD are supported. Why? Because I don't use Linux.
I don't think anyone can blame me for this ...

Of course, I am a "lone developer" and the Gnome project is a bit larger. But what if none of the Gnome developers use BSD but only use Linux.
Isn't this the same situation? Can we really blame the Gnome people for not supporting an OS none of the developers use?
I think there is, for one, a battery monitor is written using the backend available on the OS you're using.. it's hard to do portability, so that goal probably wasn't on the table when you started writing it.

Something like a window manager or a desktop environment can be written by using only standard POSIX API's and common UI toolkits, when it comes down to writing "non-portable" components for such environments like, battery monitors.. they could be optionally not built when the right conditions aren't met.
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