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Default Bundle BSD With 3rd Party Programs?

Who here would like to see FreeBSD and OpenBSD be distributed with a full suite of 3rd party programs bundled in with the base system? (I've never used NetBSD so forgive me for not having first hand knowledge of its distribution.)

Well, like Linux.

I have FreeBSD and OpenBSD laptops. Whether I use ports to build my programs for FreeBSD or pkg with OpenBSD, I have a limited number of programs I always install that over time I've found to suit my needs for using BSD as a desktop OS and build them all before ever invoking X and booting to the desktop.

I use my laptops for everyday general desktop use. Surfing the web, listening to music, watching videos, manipulating images, ripping CD's, burning files to a DVD, using text editors, working with files and file managers from Fluxbox pretty much covers it for me. There is not one thing I can't do on my BSD machines that I would be able to on a Linux box.

I have no use for a full-blown Office suite or just about any other program than those I use on a regular basis. If by chance I happen to need something else I know how to build it myself.

Just askin'.

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