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Originally Posted by IIMarckus View Post
What alternatives are there for using Python with Apache?
Here, you are on your own since the OpenBSD project does not have a version of mod_python in the packages/ports system at this time.

Having said this, I'm guessing that you downloaded source found on Note that they are most likely going to be targeting Linux's filesystem layout which is different than that of OpenBSD (see hier(7) for more information...). Given that the errors cited indicate that the pthreads library is not being found, you will need to look into the Makefiles, etc. to see that the correct path & filename are being used. In OpenBSD, this library is /usr/lib/, or some similar version number. I suspect that the path found in source downloaded directly from Apache's Website will be different.

In general, the problem you describe is common when attempting to configure Linux-oriented applications on OpenBSD. Maybe resolving this pthreads library issue will be all you need to do, or maybe it is only the beginning of a myriad of thorns. Each & every application has its own level of difficulty in porting.

Frequently, the problems range from:
  • filesystem differences (as discussed above...)
  • library differences -- Linux uses different libraries which will need to be ported, or a shim created if identical functionality already exists in a different library or with a different function name.
Additional information may be found in studying Section 9.4 of the FAQ:

In particular, it would be good to study the compat_linux(8) manpage.

Because the knowledge needed to port applications is rather specific & detailed, we at this site generally take the same position as the project proper -- you are working in uncharted waters, so you are on your own if you choose to continue porting mod_python.

As for alternatives, mod_perl is already available in the packages/ports system:

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