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Originally Posted by vectoravtech View Post
So is there a version made just for being a firewall? That's all I really want. And if not is there a very simple method for setting up an openbsd firewall for a beginner that has never used anything with a terminal?
OpenBSD comes with everything built-in that a "firewall" network gateway device needs: a robust packet filter and a network stack that forwards packets between networks. OpenBSD's packet filter is PF, and the best starting point to learn about it is the PF User's Guide, found on the project website.
Note that this guide is for OpenBSD 5.3, and will not be of use to you if you choose to use OpenBSD 3.8. There have been vast changes between 2005 and today.
But the platform you've chosen doesn't look (to me) like it could be a firewall. Firewall devices sit between networks, and act as gateways. It takes a minimum of two network interface connections (NICs) to have a firewall. One network in, another network out, with the firewall in between the two networks.

I only see one NIC mentioned in that spec sheet.
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