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Yes i have had much success with OpenBSD on macbook's, i usually PXE boot my installer and grab the files from my local FTP, i recall booting off an install cd but the Mac EFI seemed to boot up REALLY slow (ok 30 secs isn't REALLY slow but)

Try the i386 version first, and get a list of the Mac commands, like holding down the C to boot from the CDROM, or space bar to force eject of CDROM, they come in real handy.

I did not get a chance to create a dual boot with MacOS and OpenBSD, if you are thinking about that, better off get VMWare Fusion 3 (nice as smooth version 3 is) and install OpenBSD into that, i would prefer a bare metal install myself, and MacOS in a virtual machine

If VMWare Fusion is not an option (cost?) then i would really recommend a bare metal install.
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