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Originally Posted by guitarscn View Post
Okay, thanks. I want to wipe the HDD and install OpenBSD over OSX. I'm used to i386 and I've never had a Mac before, so is the hardware architecture very different? Would the macppc platform of OpenBSD work on my MacBook Pro even though mine is the newest one that came out from Apple? Also the processor is 64-bit so I'm not sure if amd64 is the best option either. I hope the wireless card works and everything..
The latest Mac systems are based on Intel's Core 2 Duo, an x86 processor.. with traditional x86 hardware, except no legacy PS/2 keyboard or mouse (..i.e: no boot console).. it will NOT work with the macppc port, that is based on IBM's PowerPC architecture.

You can use the amd64 port, this is the 64-bit version of x86 that was first released by AMD.. Intel supports these extensions in later processors, including the one that ships in the Intel Macs.

The installation procedure on the Mac is different though, you must locate a guide or tutorial related to installing alternative OS's... otherwise you'll probably end up with a non-bootable system.
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