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Old 21st January 2010
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Default I'm back too :)

Okay so 2009 was a messed up year for Yours Truly, but it couldn't have been that bad... because I'm still alive and kicking.

Anyway, I'm sure there are a few here who sighed relief when they didn't see any more of my posts... I'll be sure to bug you a bit in the future hehehehe .

To recap where I'm at technically-speaking:
  • Network Administrator
    I manage a network spread across three datacenters for a webhosting company. A Windows webhosting company, no less. Responsible for the routing, switching, security, and monitoring.
  • OpenBSD User
    Been on it since 3.8. I use it for management workstations in the DC cages, DNS servers, DC-to-DC VPN, MySQL server, internal webservers, personal webserver, fileserver, and of course, as a firewall. Previously used it as a BGP route server (that was way fun). By 4.0 I had made the decision to not use any other operating system for any use at all, aside from desktop use (and I go back and forth on the desktop use).
  • Juniper User
    Grew up on Riverstone, learned to hate Cisco, found a new love in Juniper. The M series is great, and the EX series simply rocks- definitely a Catalyst-killer.
  • PERL hacker
    I will use it for a project or specific need, then not use it for months or years, nearly completely forget it... then have a project need. Rinse, repeat. Depending on where you catch me on that cycle is when I can understand developers and when I can't .

Anyway, I hope to be back on the OBSD sections now, and I'm actually starting to crack... I might try FreeBSD. Might.
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