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Default conky vs torsmo

What's important for me is a seamless integration of the system monitor into the root window. When I click on the system monitor, I expect the window manager, in my case fvwm2, to respond, e.g. its menus should show up.

Conky: I use the default .conkyrc configuration file which sets own_window_type to desktop. When I click on conky, nothing happens. The mouse pointer remains unchanged; no fvwm2 menu pops up. That's not what I want.

Torsmo: I use the default .torsmo configuration file. When I click on torsmo, an fvwm2 menu pops up. Torsmo is truly transparent. Great.

The only problem is that torsmo has not been nicely ported to NetBSD 9. Every second, it emits on the console:

torsmo: cannot kvm_nlist: No such file or directory
I thought both programs draw on the root window and so they should not intercept clicks on the root window. Conky is doing that on my setup.

Anyone has an idea how to seamlessly integrate conky into the root window? If not, I'll look into kvm_nlist. That's a function from libkvm and comes with a man-page. How difficult can that be :-/

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Update two hours later: From a quick look. The torsmo error message comes from retrieving network stats
 Up:$color ${upspeed eth0} k/s${color grey} - Down:$color ${downspeed eth0} k/s
My network interface is called re0. Renaming in .conkey eth0 to re0 works for conky. Renaming eth0 to re0 in .torsmorc continues to result for in the same error message.

I also noticed that the values for mem, memmax, swapmax are not correct. I think torsmo is broken beyond repair.

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