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Default FreeBSD 6.1, VMWare Server , and ESX

just saw what has happened to it's a shame.

Currently running a convulated mess of Freebsd 6.1B4 with a 6.1 Release kernel. i am running it as a virtual machine on vmware server 1.0.5 and it runs great. i am trying to migrate it to an esx server and the hard drive was not found. from what i could find on the net, 6.1 release should contain updated drivers that will let it work on esx, but if not 6.2 release will.

so here i am trying to upgrade to 6.2 release and not having any luck. while make buildworld is running i am getting random seg fault 11's on different modules each time. i decided to just try and move my entire system to 6.1 release since it is kind of a hybrid by accident. im getting the same thing with the 6.1 sources as well.

i did a little bit of research on seg fault 11 during large operations (kernel building, large packages, etc) it appears that it could most likely be a hardware fault, but that makes me wonder since it is virtual hardware. one would think that is the most stable type.

my question is, i have a 6.1 release machine that is on physical hardware and it appears that i was able to download the 6.2 sources and complete a make buildworld. could i nfs mount the /usr/src and /usr/obj diretories to my hybrid machine to make installworld with those sources, or is make buildworld only building modules for the system it was run on? both of the machines have most of the same software but not completely.

to try and troubleshoot why it was seg faulting i deleted /usr/obj and /usr/src and downloaded them fresh but it has done me no good thus far. i ran make buildworld roughly 10 times during my last few hours of work last night and i started a last one right before i left but i have no doubts that it failed.

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