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I'd hardly call myself an ATI fanboy. Due to my personal experiences, I dislike nvidia for my own use. If someone wants to use an nvidia card, have at it. Between AMD and Intel GPUs, though, the clear winner on performance and stability is AMD.

And while I would argue that games and desktop use are real world (more so than the more limited GPGPU usage), I do see your point that Oko was specifically asking about GPGPU usage. Unfortunately, my experience with either nvidia or AMD does not extend that far. I will have to defer to your judgement as it pertains to that market, though I'm sure there are others more qualified than I who would disagree.

As for your article... Do you really think it will be significantly easier to port radeon and nouveau KMS to FreeBSD once Intel KMS/GEM is done? The memory managers are different, the drivers are so GPU specific, and I just don't currently see anyone hanging around Xorg development on FreeBSD going "Now only if Intel KMS were done, I'm sure I could port radeon and nouveau KMS."
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