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Originally Posted by Oliver_H View Post
>You've polled most users? :-)

Nope, but as I have contacts to some devs of Debian and FreeBSD and I'm following different mailinglists I certainly can see a significant part of the whole picture. Then there is my very own experience as ATI user since Mach 64 and Win3.11 and last not least lots of articles from people in media. But look for yourself in ArchLinux forum, Gentoo forum, Slackware users on Linuxquestions, etc. pp. ;-)
Sounds like the same things I generate my opinion on. I monitor mailing lists, I read and help out on forums, and I have lots of experience with all sorts of different GPUs, including recent nvidia cards. And I can say, with complete confidence, that there are lots of people with lots of problems with the proprietary nvidia drivers. I have seen nothing to indicate that "So most, not all, users have way less problems with nVidia than ATI. "

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