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Originally Posted by virtuvoos View Post
My "X-skills" are below zero I'm afraid.
If you are running a default configuration (without an xorg.conf file), which most of us are, you can alter the default by creating one or more <anyname>.conf files in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d. The minimum needed to use radeonold(4) is right there at the top of that man page.

I just tested this on this little netbook that uses intel(4), and forced it to use the vesa driver, overriding the intel default. All I needed to do was create a four line .conf file in that directory with the following lines:
Section "Device"
     Identifier "testing"
     Driver "vesa"
You can do something similar with radeonold, I'm sure.

The vesa driver ran, but it didn't work correctly, because I didn't bother setting a usable screen size. I was just checking to ensure it was this easy to override the default configuration.
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