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Originally Posted by IronForge View Post
So, "Upgrading to Snapshot" involves either 1)Using Install files from the snapshots directory (obvious) or 2) Choosing the "Upgrade Option" from the install media (mine's 4.6) - I'm presuming that choosing the "Upgrade" option (unlike the Install option) will allow me to ftp the core files from the ~/snapshots directory instead of the ~/4.6 directory.
Given that you are dealing with an initially questionable installation (what misc@ would label a "Frankensystem"...), you need to reinstall (rather than upgrade...) in order to start from a known state. If you study the table in Section 5.3.2 long enough, you should recognize that your current state does not match any left-hand column value. Now is not the time to assume that shortcuts are possible, recommended, or secretly alright between friends.

As I have stated twice before, it is questionable why you feel you must run -current. I have the suspicion that you think it is more "secure" (& defining "security" is a topic unto itself...). Yes, there have been small improvements which are available now, but within six months, these will be found in -release & -stable too. What you should be recognizing now is that users of -current are expected to have the experience & skill set needed to build the system from the information found on the project's Website & release(8). Users of -current should also be reading the project's misc@ mailing list regularly to stay abreast of issues & act as needed.

Again, from Section 5.1:
Most users should be running either -stable or -release.
You really need to take the time & answer to yourself honestly whether you currently have the skills required to deal with freshly minted code.
What I don't get is that several app_pkgs (gui browser types) were looking for "etc/dbus-1/machine-id" and giving me error messages for it when the "machine-id" file, according to, had been "uninstalled" months(6+, IIRC? ago.
If my assessment is correct (& all anyone has to go from is what we can piece together from your various posts...), you are dealing with a system of unknown state. Any wackiness you are experiencing can easily be written off as manifestations of a flawed base configuration.
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