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Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
You're welcome! Where did you find reviews? I admit that a (former) webmaster I used recommended them, so I went there blindly. It has worked out well.
I googled around for 'web host reviews' and 'westhost reviews'. I found good reviews on the site recommended by ai-danno, shows that they have had a total downtime of 26 minutes over that past 3-4 years. Netcraft awards them #2 reliability for the month of December 2008 (second month in a row at top ten). According to them, they fell to #37 in January, as they suffered a 10 minute outage.

Of course, there were bad reviews. You can't find many companies that at least someone isn't upset with (and if you can, the company is probably still new). And keep in mind that people will generally post to complain more often than post to praise. So the majority of reviews being positive says something (about any company).

Also, I was quite impressed with what they offered in their hosting package. Among them is ssh access, shared SSL which allows among other things anonymous FTP, VPS which allows root-like administrative abilities, most major scripting languages, C/C++, etc. And their current winter special is phenomenal (I can't readily beat the feature set for the price offered).

So Saturday (after I get paid), I'm planning on switching to Westhost.
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