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I haven't looked at CodeWeavers games product yet, since even on WINEs app database the games I need were mostly paper weights for my needs (patched multiplayer+anti-cheat).

The last time I intentionally installed WINE was on a PC-BSD machine, at that time based on FreeBSD 6.0-Release. And I found WINE to be of little use for anything beyond running GVim or Emacs for Win32. Hopefully with the more recent leaps and bounds, WINE + FreeBSD actually counts for something.

What you suggest reminds me of what PC-BSD has been doing (which I could spit on), building PBI's with internal WINEs and a bundled set of software, e.g. IE+Flash or MSNMGR.

The problem I have with WINE, fast forward a few decades....

What if all/most mainstream applications for Linux and Windows are writtin using the Windows API via WINE and kludges for compatbility where they differ.


I believe word perfect once tried something similiar... :\
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