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My suggestions for hardening (that I can remember without documentation ):

-Disable root login for sshd (should be done by default)
-Change SSHD port to something different and only allow certain users/groups to login to sshd
-If you can't/don't want to change the listening port then setup something like swatch or denyhosts to block any IP addresses attempting to brute force accounts on your box
-Disable any services you do not need (don't use inetd if you don't need to)
-add -ss to disable syslogd binding to a socket
-use secure permissions on log files (don't allow any user who doesn't need to read logs files access to them)
-remove stick bit on set UID/GID binaries
-only allow authorised users to run cron jobs
-change default encryption for passwords to blowfish
-setup PF to block network access to services that remote hosts don't need access to
-add the following to /etc/rc.conf
-+ icmp_drop_redirect="YES"
-+ icmp_log_redirect="YES"
-+ log_in_vain="YES"
-Bring the ARP cache timeout down to five minutes. Append to /etc/sysctl.conf - ''
-remove toor account
-nosuid options on /tmp in /etc/fstab
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