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- /usr ro,nodev, /home nosuid,nodev,noexec, /tmp->/var/tmp
- use of rkhunter, chkrootkit, logcheck
- lock up all services that allow access to the inside in jails (yep, ezjail)
- jails on separate partition(s) or image(s)
- OTPs for all accounts
- disable local console root access
- kernel without module support
- all services on non-standard ports
- chflags schg on all sensitive files, sappend on logs
- afterwards raise securitylevels, if you care
- provide a VPN for access to your server, regardless of LAN/WLAN

Even more paranoid

- disable .history for all shells
- don't cache passwords to LAN services (HTTP/SMTP/etc.)
- use tor (at least for DNS queries)
- use privoxy for filtering (in a jail, of course)
- if using firefox from inside use NoScript where possible

Want more?
- provide a UPS for your machine
- provide a webcam with motion recognition and shutdown timer (harddisk encrypted, of course)
- close windows and draw the curtains, before touching a keyboard
- <add your favourite option here>
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