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Default Multiple Core Co-processor

Maybe I should have asked with more direction.

I believe the Parallella has a dual core arm as the main processor. I was wondering specifically if the 18 core co-(parallel)processor made this device exceptional by any means, other than not being ordinary for this type of board.

They have not updated their kickstarter blog for a little while now, but it seems they have put together a similar board with a 64 core co-processor.

These cores have a max frequency of 800Mhz.

I'm wondering if this Adapteva processor would significantly improve compile times.

Even though their 64 core board isn't an available product yet, I was wondering if their current 18 core board would be a good device to donate to *BSD developers.

Or perhaps there are too many bottle necks in its design?

I haven't had enough experience to know, by just looking at their available online schematics, myself the quality or value of such a device to the *BSD communities.

Currently, the device only has Ubuntu images available.
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