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Domain blacklisting puts legit email addresses and domains out of reach.
I had several people stealing my legit email adress, one at my default ISP, the other at (which is not free but paid for services).
After a while, my default ISP took measures (and disabled some ports, hence it is not an Internet Services Providers anymore), while at I had to change my user account and passwords at least every day.
Don't know if they got rid of that annoyance, I cancelled my account.
Banning a domain could cut 40% of one contry's legit users (at least the case in my country for each of the top two providers).

As far as I see, this forum has a nice set of identification features.
It wouldn't bother me at all to confirm, say once a month, by typing the words from a *.png file, or to be force logged out ( a la Yahoo) once in a while.
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