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They are not doing very well. They are all but dead.
FUD FUD and more FUD
Unix is a tough business, but it is not a bad one or a dead one by any means.
If you drill down into the numbers for 2013, the Unix market based on either RISC or Itanium processors comprised a total of 110,929 shipments in the quarter, down 23 percent year-on-year; revenues from these machines fell by 26.5 percent to $5.8 billion. That is still a lot of dough, mind you.
However, x86 servers didn’t p[ick up any benefit from the Unix decline.
Despite the latest numbers, it is important to note that Unix still accounts for a major share of server revenue, and remains an important part of the hardware mix.

Jean Bozman, an analyst at IDC who follows this market, cited a combination of factors in the sharp drop in Unix server sales in the first quarter.

First, she said, the recession delayed sales of Unix servers, which are typically replaced every five to seven years -- longer than most x86 systems. Unix server buyers may also be holding back as Oracle Corp. moves to fully absorb Sun Microsystems Inc. after its deal to buy the key Unix server vendor closed in January.
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