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@TerryP: I am revisiting this thread after reading through some of your recent posts. You're obviously a sharp dude.

To be blunt, I'd advise that you earn an Associate's from a respectable, accredited tech school (I can't speak to ITT Tech, because I don't know anything about it). In addition to the good suggestions about scholarships, spend some time afterwards saving up cash for your next degree - whether that's a BS or MS (or whatever).

I didn't say anything earlier, but I also have to participate in the hiring of technical staff for our team from time to time, and I can tell you that someone without at least a Bachelor's does not have a chance in hell. (No piece of paper, no interview.) Not my personal policy, but I think you'll find it is rather common.

Best of luck. Hang in there and be persistent. To echo an overdone line: this is an investment in your future.
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