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Originally Posted by J65nko View Post
@Vermaden, both French and German governments advised people, for security reasons, not to use Internet Explorer anymore.
Heh, yeah, but they did that NOW, for how many years they have been quiet about all that IE shit? Most of polish banks offer services that are cross-browser, but there are several that still do not understand how things should be done.

Originally Posted by J65nko View Post
Tell your bank
I do not use bank that require IE or spreads certificates, so I would be able to use it only at one location.

My bank uses https/xhtml 1.0 for the online transactional system, you login with id and password, but if you want to do some operations, you will have to enter another code provided by the SMS service on the phone, of course new SMS/code for each transaction.

Simple and secure.

... and my account is free, I do not pay for anything (monthly fee's/fee per transfer/etc).
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