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Originally Posted by frcc View Post
Do any of you use any kind of malware scanning software such as
"clamscan" is it a valuable/viable tool?
ClamAV's clamscan is a valuable tool for scanning Windows filesystems from a central server. It has no value for OpenBSD.
Is there a need for something like rootkit hunter in OpenBSD?
I have no idea if such a tool is available for OpenBSD. If there was such a tool available, my guess is it would have limited value.
Is/does software that tracks changes to file attributes a useful tool? lf so what do you use?
I have found OpenBSD's automated security(8) script usually sufficient. For manual inspections I have used mtree(1) once in a while.
Do any of you use a more strict run level from default install?
Not me.
Do most of you use PF exclusively for all your traffic routing/firewall needs?
PF only, here.
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