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OpenBSD allows partitions a-p ( 16 for the whole disk). FreeBSD disklabel allows 8 labels (a-h) for a slice (MBR partition).
For a fine grained partition scheme, needing more then the 8 labels of which 3 (a, b and c), already have been taken, your only resort is too use a second slice (MBR partition).
For one of my favorite partition schemes on FreeBSD I have to use a second slice:
  1. s1a: root
  2. s1b: swap
  3. s1c: reserved for the whole FBSD slice
  4. s1d: /usr
  5. s1e: /usr/ports
  6. s1f: /home
  7. s1:/tmp
  8. s1:h:/var/tmp
  9. s2a:/var
  10. s2b: /iso

Of course with the new FBSD gpt partition scheme this limit will be things of the past
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