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Originally Posted by mbw View Post
Im upgrading a PF firewall to OpenBSD 4.7 and noticed the way that bridges
are set up seems to have changed.
Correct. This was announced November 2009. In the following archive entry for the "Following -current" document, search for "bridge" to find where it was mentioned:
Do I need to change my bridge syntax?
It would be worth your while to study the ifconfig(8) manpage as all bridging functionality was moved under ifconfig(8)'s control.
is setting up the bridge by using "/etc/hostname.bridge0" the new
accepted way?
I've always been able to copy over the bridge file as is for years, this is the first time it didnt work.
This change is mentioned in the 4.7 "Upgrade Guide"":

It is worth your time to study this document for each new version especially when old configuration files are being dragged forward.
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