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Well normally I'd avoid an RC release, but in this case I might give it a go. (I'm having some wireless problems with FreeBSD 8.4 using the bwi driver and the firmware. I had similar problems with the same broadcom firmware with Linux and building a newer kernel and getting newer firmware resolved it - so I'm hoping (perhaps in vain) that FreeBSD 9.x will have both a newer bwi driver and firmware.)

)Really rusty at this... need to find out how to enable a repository as pkg_add is not working, but I can build most ports ok (haven't upgraded the ports yet...).) //edit 21/08/13: pkg_add is working, I was trying to install "firefox" instead of "firefox-esr".


//edit: Almost forgot - one of the threads I looked at mentioned changing the SATA controller from IDE to AHCI or vice versa. Will try that as well.

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