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Default Rules for the Book reviews forum.

Anyone can start a new thread in this forum, but please make the first post follows these simple rules:
  • The first post in the thread should always be a brief introduction of the book, preferably taken from the official website (If any).
  • Post a link to the official website(s), (if any), this is usually the website of the publisher ... Sometimes there is more than one site that can be considered official, for example sometimes the author has a separate site about the book, post all links in such a case.
  • Do not post links to any other websites, this includes reviews and websites where you can buy the book.
  • Note that Administrators are free to edit the first post without warning or notification when deemed appropriate.

Formatting the first post should roughly look like:




The general idea is that the first post should be a simple, objective, description.


Normal rules apply about posting links in the rest of the thread, feel free to link to anything as long as it's legal and relevant to the discussion, for example this would be okay:

Originally Posted by UserX
I think this book is difficult to understand
I disagree and think it's very easy to understand, and this reviewer agrees with me.

And this would also be okay:

Originally Posted by UserY
I think this book is too expensive
commercial site A sells it for 20 euro, and commercial site B sells it for 15 euro, I don't think that's expensive!

But this would not be okay:

Hey guys, check out this great review of this book!

And neither would this:

I just saw that this book is just 25 euro at commercial site C, that's very cheap!
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