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Originally Posted by scottro View Post
I've used the two interchangeably on Linux for many years.
Thanks for confirming!

Also, your how-to is wonderful. It is very practical and goal-directed, a nice complement to this FAQ (which provides extensive information about DVD's history and technical details, without any practical examples of how to do things in UNIX et al.):

While on the topic of DVDs: I had also largely moved away from discs to media files, until the need for archiving family photos and videos came along. With so many new formats all the time, it is hard to predict what will still be around when my children and grandchildren are adults. I figured whatever other shiny new technologies may come around, people should be able to get their hands on a DVD player well into the future.

I'm going to spam my own thread with a plug for M-DISC (I have no association with the makers in any way, am just impressed by the technology). Coupled with the relative ease of finding a DVD player, it made DVD discs a very attractive choice for archiving:

But now we are way off-topic

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