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Even right now I don't know why you need any multimedia package to build xfce4-meta, an initial search in doesn't show that you need anyone to build xfce4...
Prior to switching to pulseaudio, XFCE4 used gstreamer for for audio volume applets and desktop sounds. Could gstreamer be pulling in ffmpeg?

I agree with @pygope, look at the bulk builds by the NetBSD project. If it does not build for them, it is unlikely to build cleanly on a local system.

I recently installed the bulk build of lxde and it would not work out-of-the-box.

You have to export the XDG paths as described here:

NetBSD lxde would also not utilize locale/pkg_path settings in .profile, they had to be in ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession.

Also another observation: NetBSD XFCE and LXDE ports were contributed by the same individual and he did not appear to get much support from the project. There have been no commits to LXDE since May 2016. XFCE was migrated to gtk3 about 10 months ago.
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