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Originally Posted by dsp View Post
hi all,

I am currently only need several basic applications for my box (basically : asterisk,apache-php,ssh) . However, i somehow running out of 1 Giga of my compact flash because the base installation in netbsd includes some softwares that I occasionally use

Does any of you could guide me to remove (uninstall) several softwares such as games,mail, x-window ? (it is not as simple as just by rm - rf from the /usr/games isn't it?)

Thanks a lot guys..
Seeing how you said that apache-php and asterisk are installed, I'm assuming that you have pkgsrc installed. That is pushing it with 1 GB of disk space. I tried it once with an old hard drive (~1-1.2 GB) and I was fighting tooth and nail for everything to fit.

The base installation itself is less than 500MB, but pkgsrc is over 500MB (2008Q4 is reading 612 MB). When you go to install a package, you are adding to that tally by storing all the working files.

You won't gain much by removing games - they only take up less than 5 MB of space.
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