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dsp also asked about removing mail (postfix). Since it doesn't have its own install set (like games or X do) in the base, it's a bit trickier. I've been looking at removing postfix also, to replace with sendmail, and thought I'd post what I came up with so far.

First, there are a couple of postfix precompiled packages available. If you look at them (with tar -tzf) you get some idea of all the files involved, but the actual directories won't be exactly what you see in the .tgz file.

Second, I noticed the file /etc/postfix/postfix-files. This gives a pretty good list of what's involved once you decipher what all the variables (such as $data_directory, etc.) are. Having done that (hopefully), this is a summary of what the base postfix seems to consist of:

*  6 directories which end in "/postfix",

* 3 symlinks,

* a bunch of post* files in the $command_directory,

* selected man pages in /usr/share/man/man{1,5,8}
So my plan is to archive these, remove them and install the sendmail package.

Please note I haven't gone ahead and done this yet, so if anyone wants to follow this info don't blame me!

One concern will be the next NetBSD upgrade. Postfix will be put back in and this *might* trash sendmail, mailq and newaliases, so I'd have to remember to save these before upgrading and restore them after removing the upgraded postfix, if necessary.

Any comments on potential gotcha's, ommissions etc. would be welcome.

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