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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
I'm assuming you mean games/rottdc, no other rott port exists.. so after installing it.. you should have seen these instructions.

According to this file, the game "data files" must be in the current directory.. so if you've extracted the files into your home directory, you must run it from within that directory.

Hope that helps..

EDIT: The "rottdc" port is not the same as the project you've mentioned above.. if you've compiled that manually, you'll have to read their document for further instructions.

The shareware game data is available here:
This package seems not to be avaliable anymore. So I tried with the shareware package on the website.
Doesn`t work either when I put it into homedir.
Error message says:
Rise of the Triad Startup Version 1.4
Shareware Version
Z_INIT: 8950000 bytes
IN_Startup: Mouse Present
W_InitFiles: no files found Episode = 0
Area = 1

It doesn`t find any data files. By the way, when I unzip, I get three files. FILE_ID.DIZ, INSTALL.EXE, ROTTSW13.SHR.
Maybe we have to extract it once more???
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