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Old 14th December 2009
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Default I'm back :-)

So some months ago I made an attempt to switch over to FreeBSD. I have gotten some great and generous help in my first attemps to install FreeBSD, which, knowing me, of course failed miserably (). And suddenly I was gone. That would have appeared impolite to my kind helpers, and/but it wasn't intended like that. It's just I went on a paid journey around the world (paid for by my boss, in return I had to work for him) and man, can I assure you: there are a *lot* of *ugly* airports around the world, not even to mention the crappy "coffee" they serve on them for sky high prices.

So I am home, at least for a couple of weeks, and I pick up where I left off. That is, with a fresh new install of FreeBSD 8, and, in order not to worry you: no, nothing works, just like the first time

Let's see if I can get this to work this time.

"The Noob"
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