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Originally Posted by There0
was hinting that he should NOT create a seperate /etc "slice"
notice "slice" in in quotations, was trying to make a noticable funny for you, im quite well familiar with partions and slices and and and.

Suggestions have already been made. Now Broodjegehaktmetmayo has to try them and reply back, but he hasn't yet, has he?
Maybe "shut up and be gone" is what you're trying to tell me?
Quite the insinuation buddy, i have no problem telling you to get lost or otherwise, if that was my intention, i would require a reason, and i would PM you with that reason.

Hmm, yes it's "FreeBSD advice" since he's installing FreeBSD, IIRC. Should I give Solaris or Windows advice? Maybe you think he's installing OpenBSD 4.6?
Yes my correction, it was late (early) when i was reviewing this, i was jumping back and forth between posts and mistook this for an OpenBSD post. It sounds to me like you really need somebody to chat with? perhaps some Windoz advice? I was trying to avoid quoting each other with silly stuff, corrections aside of course, but here i am quoting your quotes, my bad.

His system is already booting fine and his partitioning scheme is appropriate, but you're suggesting he does the entire setup all over again. And his problem is very clear: he has no more space on the root partition. All he has to do is check what's taking up so much space (old kernel and user files) and re/move it. I've already addressed both.
Really? what does "Nothing is working. As expected of course, since I never get it to work" mean to you? does that mean that his system IS FUNCTIONING PROPERLY???? not to me that is why i suggested what i did.

All he has to do is check what's taking up so much space (old kernel and user files) and re/move it
So I am home, at least for a couple of weeks, and I pick up where I left off. That is, with a fresh new install of FreeBSD 8, and, in order not to worry you: no, nothing works, just like the first time
Fresh install he says, im guessing cvsup'ing (should i put that word in quotations?) is taking up much space? perhaps on /?

The rest of your quotes rely on the fact that i mistook this for an OpenBSD question, so i can confidently rest assured that your remarks help you feel better about what you need to say. I have read many FreeBSD books/documents and have been using since 4.0.

Maybe you should file a PR to amend both the handbook and the default rc.conf file.
Would you please help me with that? it seems that you know so much about FreeBSD, and can insinuate about other posters with great skill, i could really use your help to straighten up FreeBSD ....... goofy smirky smily not included.

I REALLY wanted to avoid all this quoting (except for corrections of course), but it seems your set on showing down (showing off?) other posters (or just me?), just what im vibing over here, of course i could be wrong. Since i have not helped or contributed to Broodjegehaktmetmayo's post this shall me my last.
The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know ....

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