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Originally Posted by jimnms View Post
I haven't used my Eee 701 since "upgrading" to an Eee 901 over 6 months ago.
I assume you are saying that you upgraded the BIOS to that of the 901. Although I have seen a lot of anecdotal stories on the Internet of people "saying" this works, I am not convinced. I have a 701 Surf which was only upgraded to the 703 BIOS (which appears to be the last supported BIOS for the 701..), & I have had no problems.
Now what do I do?
Booting from bsd.rd (as the install does...) is the first major step, however if the install later complains that no filesystem is found, this can be due to two reasons:
  • The BIOS is not translating correctly to the solid-state storage.
  • The MBR and/or disklabels were not correctly initialized.
Various suggestions:
  • You may want to consider downgrading back to the 703 BIOS.
  • When I have done new installations, I have always done so through USB flash drives. Instructions for creating a bootable USB stick can be found at the following:

    At this point, it is unclear as to whether your USB DVD drive is an issue.
  • You should review Section 4.5.2 to ensure that you have configured the MBR & disklabel correctly:

    If the MBR & disklabels have not been properly initialized, this would explain why the install cannot find a file system.
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