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Originally Posted by seadog109 View Post
so my monitor is the problem >_< i cant just simply change to 1080!? these little things its what makes windows better. i had 6 - 7 res solutions on there
Windows is ready-to-use desktop system, aimed at people who do not want (or can't) know anything about computers. I refrain from saying how much it is worth security-wise. Knowing a little about that I get chills when I think some people go online with Windows.
POSIX systems priorities lay elsewhere: security, performance first. Unfortunately, as such these systems are user-friendly, but not noob-friendly. Of course you can change resolution in X server, just read the documentation.
However, if you feel more comfortable in Windows - FOSS does not force nor beg anyone.

Edit: Of course, robbak is right. These screens have the best picture in native resolution only.

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